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An SEO Chrome Extension that Streamlines your Workflow

From detailed webpage analysis to intricate sitemap extraction, our free SEO Chrome Extension equips you with everything you need to streamline your search engine optimization processes, right from your browser.

Some of the cool things you can do with our SEO Chrome Extension

Check Core Web Vitals

Our SEO extension displays the Core Web Vitals:

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)
  • INP (Interaction to Next Paint) 
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

The extension assesses the Chrome user experience report for mobile, relaying the findings through the API.

Primarily, it investigates the Field Data for a specific page. If this isn’t accessible, the extension probes the Origin Data, which is the aggregated statistics for the entire website.

If neither the Field Data nor Origin Data be accessible, our SEO extension will present a ‘No info available.’ message.

SEO Chrome Extension core web vitals.

Extract the Body Text of a Page

From refining your keyword strategy to enhancing your content quality, our Body Text Extractor tool offers a comprehensive view of your on-page content. This Chrome Extension enables you to effortlessly extract text from a webpage, allowing you to copy and paste all HTML text within its body. With its ability to capture headers and paragraph text with ease, the need for manual extraction is eliminated. Now, you can dive straight into your on-page optimizations, whether you’re working in Word, a Google Doc, or Google Sheets.

SEO Chrome Extension body text extractor.

Extract XML Sitemap URLs

Working with larger enterprise clients often means dealing with massive websites. One common roadblock is finding an easy way to extract all URLs from a sitemap without having to perform a complete crawl of the website using tools like Screaming Frog or Sitebulb.

Our sitemap feature in our SEO Chrome extension simplifies this task. It allows you to easily extract all the URLs within an XML sitemap. Simply paste the XML sitemap URL you wish to explore, and our extension takes over, delivering a list of your website’s URLs within a downloadable CSV.

SEO Chrome Extension XML sitemap extractor.

Extract Menu Navigation Links

One of our main goals was to create an extension that makes extracting all main pages from a website a seamless task, primarily for keyword research purposes.

Our extension allows you to extract all primary links from a website’s menu navigation. Providing a clear overview of a site’s primary pages, offering invaluable insights that can be used to improve a site’s structure and user journey and perform targeted optimizations.

SEO Chrome Extension menu navigation link extractor.

And Many More SEO Tools!

The features of our SEO Chrome extension don’t end there! Whether you’re delving into the finer details of your metadata, assessing your Meta Robots for optimal indexing, or examining a page’s internal and external links, our extension equips you with everything you need for a comprehensive SEO overview. Here are some other key features of the extension:

  • Design Mode: Edit content live on a webpage, making it ideal for showcasing concepts, copy, and more to your clients.
  • Highlight Headers: Easily highlight all headers on a webpage for quick analysis.
  • Show Image Alt Text: View alt text directly on a page.
  • Highlight Nofollow Links: Identify all the nofollow links on a webpage.
  • Check Site in Wayback Machine: Redirects you to the Wayback Machine to analyze a website’s history.
  • Capture Screen: Take a screenshot of the entire page and export it as a PNG.
SEO Tools in the SEO Chrome Extractor.